Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Road

Well as I said after watching the more the book kept me awake for weeks after reading and the movie is doing the same. Te reasonthis book has had such an impact on me is that I have no problem believing that this will happen one day (along time from now). In doing some research on the web tonight I have found that most people seem to think that global warming was responsible I thought I would include this quote

"British environmental campaigner George Monbiot was so impressed by The Road that he declared McCarthy to be one of the "50 people who could save the planet" in an article published in January 2008. Monbiot wrote, "It could be the most important environmental book ever. It is a thought experiment that imagines a world without a biosphere, and shows that everything we value depends on the ecosystem". This nomination echoes the review Monbiot had written some months earlier for the Guardian in which he wrote, "A few weeks ago I read what I believe is the most important environmental book ever written. It contains no graphs, no tables, no facts, figures, warnings, predictions or even arguments. Nor does it carry a single dreary sentence, which, sadly, distinguishes it from most environmental literature. It is a novel, first published a year ago, and it will change the way you see the world."

I have to say I never believed it was man made event such as war I beleived it was an asteroid or a massive volcanic eruption Corman McCarthy it seems has never said what he intended it to be and I have just realised that we are not meant to know. The event is not what we are meant to focus on rather we are meant to focus in the outcomes. The destruction, isoloation, death and how a society with no rules to guide us becomes lawless - the bad guys. And how even when there is no hope some of us will hold on to survival and love at all costs - the good guys. There is hope for us yet.

The two things I most struggled with - actually they contridict one another - is the choice that the mother made to kill herself and leave her son and husband and the choice the father made to leave the boy alive and alone when he knew he was dying. I wonder if I judge the mother because mothers are not suppose to leave their children? And if I judge the father because men are suppose to make the hard choices and them put them into action? Those quesions I will have to ponder some more (I would not wait for a resolution I have been pondering them since reading the book)

I can not say that I enjoyed the book or the movie but I loved them both - that being said I have decided that I will not read nor watch the movie again I might send myself further around the bend if do.

Bring on I am Legend and the Book of Eli.

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